Best Places to Explore in Europe

Rotterdam is a growing and dynamic city that is getting a new at a high rate. This is evident in the beautiful skyscrapers, trendy eateries and restaurants, an adorable port and good food markets. Count on it for a popular museum and interesting festivals to indulge in.


Paris in France is everyone’s preferred destination to visit. Highly regarded monuments, churches and museums can be found here. You can spend your entire holiday beautiful sites and structures like the Eiffel Towers and Notre Dame Cathedral which is one of the biggest and artistically designed building. Or, with the the ultimate wedding planner and organizer, you can definitely have your wedding here! The sidewalks are fun to relax in at daytime while enjoying delicacies and well-aged wines in the evening.


Rome is an area you must visit while in Europe. The aroma of mouth-watering Italian delicacies will leave you with pangs of hunger. Enjoy the beauty of the historic sights and the Colosseum at St. Peter’s Basilica which is the biggest catholic house and view the adorable Trevi Fountain.


Florence is a must visit because it is graced by top-notch architecture, stunning museums, quaint hotels and finger-licking meals. Make sure you admire the Michelangelo’s David while at Ponte Vecchio. Climb the peak of Dumo and view the town.


Amsterdam is famous for the many coffee shops that serve all types of coffee that is well prepared. The Red Light District is also a popular thing about Amsterdam. Enjoy the afternoon while biking along the canals in the city and the well-organized streets and later head to noteworthy museums like Van Gogh Museum and learn about the culture there. Locals are friendly and there are plenty of affordable hotels.


The Greek island is known for its diverse and abundant beaches. There are red sands in the island. The Red Beach has black sands at the Kamari Beach. There are archaeological spots at the Ancient Akrotiri and the Ancient Thira.


Prague is a good place to have a vacation and this will leave you with good memories of this place. The Gothic architecture will impress visitors of all genders and ages. You will enjoy good music in this city. Life in this city is very affordable compared to others in Europe.


Spain’s capital is all you need for a good vacation. The architecture is stunning and the nightlife is vibrant and worth enjoying every dusk. Museums are world class and the luxurious hotels are good for accommodation. You can enjoy plenty of scrumptious Spanish cuisines. Feel free to enjoy live football matches and visit the flamenco.


Istanbul has amazing skyscrapers close to the historical monuments. The ancient city is packed with current advancements and shopaholics can enjoy shopping at the bazaars. Party lovers can grace the nightclubs in the night. If visiting religious monuments in Istanbul, you need to dress decently and all wrapped up.


Lisbon is filled with beautiful architecture, old buildings and castles. The beaches and seafood are things you shouldn’t miss to have a feel of. The residents are friendly and the terrain is hilly to go mountain biking or racing.